Taylor. 22. San Diego. Previously yungbiochemist but someone stole that. I Remade a tumblr for my vines (tagged/vines) and for shits and giggles

Me in pe



you know what…i’ll never forget how much i was teased in school lol. in middle school…it was valentine’s day…i wore pink trying to be all festive…i was definitely called a pig all day.

lol, kids are cruel bruh

Its character building. After succuming to the pressure of being called gay for still having super long hair, I finally cut my braids, niggas said I looked like a “dyke” and mannie fresh. I was gay no matter what. Lmao

I was called a man and shitted on about my height for yearsssssss I would’ve given anything to chop off my legs and be 5’4. Now I’m grown and everyone calls it “model” height. teens and kids are just assholes